Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks

Are you looking for a pair of cufflinks that will stand out in the crowd? Vintage typewriter key cufflinks might be your answer! These unique and stylish cuff links are crafted from original antique typewriter key pads for a "one of a kind" unique fashion look!

While using the initials of your name is most common, the function keys are quite a conversation piece too! Keys bearing the words "margin release", "Shift Key" or "back space" are sure to grab the attention and curiousity of anyone within eyesight!

Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks
Typewriter Key Cufflinks White Typewriter Key Cuff-Links Front  Back Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks

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The older machines were produced in mass quantities and built to last. Because the keypads where laminated in glass, there is no rust and little to no wear on the letters! Some of the craftsmanship on these keypads is quite striking and almost always attracts interest. Jewelry makers are recycling these old typewriter keys and creating something both brand new and nostalgic at the same time!

Although most of the keys are white, black or cream, colored keys can also be found. The shapes and font sizes and styles vary slightly with each brand or company which makes this jewelry even more exciting. Add the creative design ideas from the individual crafters and you've got yourself a really cool cufflink!

The customization of these peices varies from seller to seller and you'll find many who can accomodate your needs. Whether you are seeking a memorable gift or just need a great pair of cufflinks for your next affair, vintage typewriter key cufflinks will add class, style and a bit of history too!