Vintage Typewriter Keys

Transforming vintage typewriter keys into jewelry is very popular these days. If you are a crafter or jewelry maker you know how well these unique bracelets, necklaces and tie tacks sell. You also know how difficult it can be to find old junk typewriters to keep up with the demand of your customers!

Jewelry making takes time and searching for these old vintage machines can eat up entire days that could be better spent creating inventory. We've organized a fantastic selection of typewriter keys for you at huge savings! These are original parts from antique and vintage Underwood, Adler, Remington, Olympia, Smith Corona and other popular brands of typewriters from years gone by.

Assortment of Vintage Typewriter Keys Vintage Corona Typewriter Floating Shift Keys

Most of these keys come in sets or lots and consist of the entire keypad of a particular typewriter. Some of the keys are pre-cut, leaving you just the key head, or pad, so you can go right to work when you recieve your order. Other sets offer the entire key stem, often saving you money if you don't mind, or perhaps prefer, cutting them yourself.

Underwood Typewriter Keys with Green Function Keys Remington Glass Chrome Keys Black & Red
Underwood & Remington Keys w/ Green & Red Function Keys

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Glass Keys     Black Keys    White Keys    Flat Back Keys

Antique Remington Keys with Stems L.C Smith Corona Typewriter Keys with Stems
Keys w/ Stems Attached

We've even organized some entire antique junk typewriters that you can purchase for even more savings! The choice is yours but either way you can't beat the selection and savings on these vintage typewriter key parts for your jewelry making needs. Choose from both glass coated keys and steel, black, white, cream and everything in-between with various fonts. If you are looking for a specific brand, perhaps a rare antique set of keys on an old Hermes, Royal, Underwood or Oliver, we've got you covered there too!

48 Glass Typewriter Keys Black on White Remington White Glass Top Keys
Glass Coated Keys

There's never been a better time to find these antique typewriter keys in such abundance for such low discount prices. Inventory is good these days, so don't get left behind! Take a peek right now and see for yourself the huge selection and savings on these vintage and antique typewriter keys!

Vintage Royal Flat Botton Circle Keys