Vintage Adler Typewriters

These German typewriters were quite popular in the USA during "the day" and known for their quality craftsmanship. Many of the the antique and vintage Adler typewriters available are still in great working condition requiring just a little oil and a good cleaning!

Like many of the old typing machines, people are finding these everyday in their parents or deceased relatives attics, basements and garages. Since most of these are portables, they are stored at least in the case they came in if not an additional box. There's some real nice Adler typewriters being found out there!

Most people recognize that these finds are collectible just from the stunning craftsmanship, but unless they happen to be an antique dealer or have an interest in the machine they find themselves with no use for it. Most of the time they donate them to the local thrift store or better yet, sell them on eBay. That's great news for you!

There's usually at least a few of these at any given time on eBay, and often they can be purchased for a bargain price! Imagine finding an old Gabriele 35 manual typewriter in it's original case? Or even a vintage German Adler No. 7 or a J5 manual machine for your display? It happens everyday and most of these finds are on eBay.

Perhaps you are interested in the retro Royal Adler electric typewriters? There's plenty of those to be found too, and many in near perfect condition! maybe an old Satellite model is what you need for your small office? These electrics still perform great and some typists prefer the old fashioned typewriters over a computer keyboard. Perhaps you do too!

Whether you are seeking an vintage Adler for your collection, display or even to use, now is the time to take action. It's a great time to buy these machines and as time goes by, they of course become more scarce and more expensive. Take a peek right now and get in on the great deals being offered on these Adler typewriters!