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Typewriters are such a cool collectible and you'd be hard pressed to not to find an antique or vintage Remington typewriter displayed in even a modest collection. These Ilion, NY American made machines were among the most popular and widely produced typewriters in history. Most other brand machines followed the lead of the Remington Standard 2 of 1878. The shift key is an example of an early feature in the typewriter business, created by Remington, that has stuck around even to this day on computer keyboards! (Be sure to visit our History of Remington Typewriters page for a mini biography of the company.)

Remington Model 16 Front View Remington Model 16 Side View
Remington Model #16

Whether you are a hard core collector or a hobbyist, these Remington typing machines can still be found in various conditions from poor and rusty to almost mint! Many folks enjoy the challenge of purchasing several junk machines, utilizing the good parts and making one nice working machine. A great way to go if you like tinkering. Parts such as roller bars, springs, roller knobs and return bars & handles are just a few of the many parts that can wear out and these can be purchased separately or with the entire machine. Perhaps you are interested in a vintage Remington typewriter already in working condition for the den. There are plenty of those beautiful machines floating around out there too!

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The Remington typewriter Co. produced such a huge number of models and variations that it's about impossible to categorize them all. Once Remington unveiled it's first portable in 1920, sales increased greatly and many more models came out with slight changes. The Remington Rand was a very popular model as was the quiet-ritter and noiseless models. The Remington standard model 1, as old as it was, can still be found for sale in working condition! All of the Remington standard models, such as model 3, model 4, model 5, model 6, model 7 were very popular. How far does it go? I've seen model 19 and I'm reasonably certain they go even higher!

Vintage Remington Rand Model 5 Portable Typewriter Remington Rand Model 5 Portable Typewriter Case
Remington Rand Model 5 w/Case

Old typewriters can to be hard to find and expensive to purchase around town. Buying one of these at your local antique shop will cost you a small fortune. Fortunately in today's world we have the internet and eBay! Increasingly, people are finding these old typewriters in their parents and other relatives attics and basements when cleaning out. They know they look cool, but are not exactly sure what to do with them so they list them on websites like Craigslist and eBay. This is great news for you because the variety is fantastic (on eBay) not to mention the bargain prices!

Vintage Remington Noiseless Typewriter  1950's Remington Quiet-Riter Portable Manual Typewriter w/Case  Retro Remington Ten-Forty Typewrier w/Cursive Type Font

With the portable Remington typewriters, almost all came with a case. Years later when the owners put them in storage, they were usually in a case and often the case was inside a box, leaving the typewriter in terrific condition. Many times a dusty or slightly rusted Remington will perform perfectly with just a little cleaning and some oil!

Old Remington Typewriter Ribbon Tin Purple Copying Retangular Reminton Typewriter
 Ribbon Tin Remington Debut Standard 12 Typewriter Ad

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Remington Ribbon/Collectible Tins    Remington Typewriter Ads/Owners Manuals

Besides these vintage typing machines being found and made available for purchase, the Remington tins are often discovered with or near the typewriter too! These old typewriter ribbon tins look great beside your collectible Remington typewriter. Other such pieces of memorabilia include instruction/owners manuals and advertisements. With every new model came more ads in printed media such as magazines, newspapers, postcards  and even poster type displays for businesses. All of these little extras make for a nice display for your vintage or antique Remington typewriter!