Vintage Royal Typewriters

Adding a vintage Royal typewriter to your collection is a must for any serious display. These machines were built very well and often referred to as the work horse of the typewriter industry. The Royal model 1 was first introduced in 1906. The Royal 5 quickly followed and by 1914 the Royal Upright 10 was introduced. This is a classic style model most think of when referring to a Royal machine. It had the bevelled glass panels on the sides, later reduced to just one glass side. This model 10 was promoted as the sturdiest, strongest machine availalbe at the time.(Learn more about the History of Royal Typewriters)

50's Vintage Red Royal Quiet De Luxe Typewriter Pink Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter Royal Portable Standard Deluxe Typewriter Royal Aristocrat Blue Portable Typewriter

Whether you are an avid collector seeking a rare antique model or just looking for a cool collectible for your den, there's plenty of antique and vintage Royal typewriters in great working condition to choose from! In today's internet world, finding just the right machine for your needs couldn't be easier, particularly on eBay. From the crackle finishes to the flagship Quiet De Luxe models, these Royal machines are being made available everyday, and often at fantastic discount prices!

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Finding parts is easy too! Are you are one of many collectors seeking cheap non-working models in order to utilize parts and make one fantastic "like new"" machine? That's a great way to own a beautiful machine if you have the mechanical ability. Or perhaps you just need a new roller bar or a few screws and springs for your old Royal typewriter? Finding parts and ribbon for your old Royal Parade, Royalite, Arrow Portable or Aristocat has never been easier or cheaper!

Antique Royal #10 Typewriter w/Glass Sides Royal #10 Glass Side Close Up
Royal #10/Famous Glass Side Panel

Besides a great assortment of machines you'll also find a nice selection of Royal typewriter memorabilia such as old advertisements and promotions from magazines and newspapers. Owners manuals, post cards, bill of sales and other printed collectibles pertaining to Royal typewriters. This stuff looks great alongside your prized machine!

Royal model 5 Flatbed Typewriter 1911 Side View Royal Typewriter 1911 Flatbed Model 5
1911 Royal Model #5 Flatbed

These days inventory is high and prices are low. Don't miss out! Take a peek and take advantage right now of the incredible selection of Royal typewriters and collectible memorabilia available for your collection needs!