Corona Typewriters - Manual Vintage & Antique Models

In the early days of typewriter manufacturing Corona was a leading brand associated with these typing machines. Their very popular folding models of the past are now much sought after collectibles of today. The 1930's Corona 4 in mountain ash scarlet and channel blue were absolutely beautiful when they rolled off the assembly line and can still be found today with a little searching. There's even a few red versions of the folding model floating around out there.

Vintage Corona Typewriter 1904 Corona Model 3 Typewriter Early 1900's Corona Typewriter

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We usually associate the name with Smith, and the famous duo Smith-Corona brand name. This page is geared towards the early Corona brand, the vintage and antique manual models from the early days before the two companies were completlely one. Models like the Corona special # 3 with it's gold panel are a fantastic find.

The Famous Corona Folding Typewriter
Corona Folding Typewriter Black Front Corona Folding Model Typewriter Folded View Corona Folding Typewriter Side View

Or the 1922 Agency Typewriter manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa. Perhaps you are interested in one of the very popular Corona model 3 or 4's? These make great collectible pieces and are still very much available today. Many in better condition than you would think! These machines were often stored in their cases in a dry attic, maintaining their original state as when tucked away all those years ago.

Old Model 4 with Case
Corona Model 4 in Case Corona Model 4 Typewriter Side View

Today people are cleaning out their elderly relatives homes and discovering these machines and offering them for sale on eBay, yard sales and even donating them to thrift shops. That's great news for us collectors! Never before has there been a greater opportunity to find these classic American collectibles in such great variety and purchase for such low prices!

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