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Each year more people are discovering the fun and excitement of collecting old typewriters, whether for personal use, decorating purposes or business needs. The German made Olympia typewriters are known for their superb quality and ease of use.

1950 Olympia SM1 Typewriter in Maroon
Olympia SM1 1950s Manual typewriter Maroon Color Olympia SM 1 Maroon 1950 model Olympia SM1 Typewriter in Maroon

Finding Olympia typewriters in good working condition is easy and many of these antique and vintage machines are finding new owners daily by both collectors and hobbyists alike. These quality machines were very well built and many function perfectly decades later, particularly the vintage models from around 1950 - 1970.

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People across America are finding these old machines stored away in their parents or grandparents attics and basements when cleaning out the house. Many are given to the thrift stores, some are sold in estate or yard sales and many are put up for auction on sites like eBay. Ads, manuals and old Olympia promotional materials are often found in the cases too.

Various Olympia Models
Olympia Splendid 33 Typewriter Vintage Olympia De Luxe Typewriter Olympia SG-1 Typewriter 1962 1935 Olympia Simplex German Typewriter Black

This is terrific news for us collectors! With the era of the internet and sites like eBay, there's never been a better time to find some of the elusive Olympia typewriter models that were next to impossible to locate just 10 years ago! Imagine the excitement of finding an SM Model 3 or 5 in near perfection condition, and owning it for a song! Or perhaps a SM5, in a then "modern color" such as caramel, mint aquamarine, or pink? Or even one with the script font option? Finds like these happen everyday thanks to the internet!

Antique Olympia Filia 1934
1934 Olympia Filia Antique Olympia Filia Typewriter Close up Logo

Whether you are a hobbyist seeking an old Olympia for the fun of owning one of these treasures, a serious hard core collector, or just perefer a typewriter over a computer keyboard to write on, the old vintage Olympia typewriters might be just what you need! Often times a little cleaning and a new ribbon is all that is needed on these forgotten beauties!

Sm3 & SM9 Olympia Typewriters from the 1960's
Olympia SM-3 Brown Typewriter w/Extra Wide Carriage  1969 Olympia SM9 Deluxe Portable Olympia SM3 Typewriter

There are still many Olympia Typewriters out there needing a good home! Models like the Simplex, Monica, SG1 and filia are added to collections all the time. And if you are thinking of using your typewriter instead of the computer, you may find yourself liking it better! There's something motivating about the clickity-clack sound and smooth stroking of an Olympia keypad!

Olympia Steel Tag Made in Western Germany