Cursive Script Font Typewriters

Finding an old cursive typeface typewriter for your collection is always exciting. These script font keys add a personal touch to letter writing and make a great tool for scrap booking, gift tags or craft projects.

Cursive Typewriter Keys

This typeface style of font was a late arrival in the history of typewriter production and can be a little more difficult to find today, especially the older portable manual machines. Still, they are out there and people are selling them daily. Towards the end of the typewriter era, around the late 70's to about 1990, this type of cursive font was offered by many of the remaining typewriter companies, particularly the IBM models with their interchangeable ball.

Royal Aristocrat Cursive Manual Portable Sample Font Olympia SM4 Script Font 1959

Most of us seeking vintage script typewriters are interested in the older manuals, like the Hermes 3000 that introduced in 1958. What a beauty! This model 3000 and it's cursive typeface caught on very quickly. This Swiss made machine was already known for it's quality and now it had even more to offer with the hand-written font.

Hermes 3000 Cursive Model Mint Green Hermes 3000 Cursive Script Sample Hermes 3000 Cursive Fontface Typewriter Side View
Hermes Model 3000 Script Font Typewriter

In 1963 the Olivetti Lettera made it's debut with a cursive typeface and became another very popular typewriter choice. Many popular writers of the time swore by these script or cursive letter-type machines and did not travel without them.

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Many typewriter manufacturers such as Olympia, Adler, Royal, Remington and Smith-Corona offered script and cursive machines. Companies loved them when they first came out because it added a personal "hand written" feel on their correspondence, which was highly effective for many years!

Vintage Adler Tippa S Portable w/Cursive-Script Font type
Adler Tippa S Model Cursive Font Typewriter
Adler Tippa S Portable Script Font Sample

Whether it be business or personal, writing with a manual typewriter adds a personal touch. Using a cursive/script font typeface machine gives your words even more of that feeling. If you are thinking of adding one of these typewriters to your collection, don't delay! No matter what the brand or model, a cursive font typeface from any vintage typewriter will yield a delightful and unique characteristic of it's own!

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Vintage Smith Corona Cursive Model 12 Typewriter Cursive Font Smith Corona Cougar XL Typewriter Olympia SM4 Script/Cursive Portable Manual Typewriter Royal FP Cursive 1961 Mind Green